Here's just a small sampling of our photography work we've helped capature over the years.

State House, Columbia SC

Anita Isaac & Brandon Isaac granted us the opportunity to photograph there lovely ceremony at the State House in Columbia SC. Eyedew as a company was just laying the ground work as a business and they took a chance on us. They loved each and every one of the pictures we captured for them. This couple was among our first newly wed that gave Eyedew our 1st booking. 


Battery Park, Charleston SC

Brandy & Thanavia Franklin decided to capture their lovely family in Downtown Charleston at the Battery Park. Despite the obstacles they had to endure that day. They traveled from Aiken SC for us to shoot them on a lovely Spring day. This shoot was perfectly captured.


This One Tree Somewhere

Tyren & Mandy Woodberry were the very 1st couple who gave Eyedew our start. They were highly confident in our work and they allowrf us to be ourselves. We can never thank them enough. This one tree somewhere is actually located in Augusta GA's Riverwalk Park