Candace + Marlon Engagement Story | Aiken, SC

Candace Version( the truth): Candace was working in Kroger and while running the u-scan Marlon walked in the store. When Candace saw him, Candace said to herself  “Who the hell is that?”. Candace then asked her aunt who that sexy guy was. Her aunt replied “That’s Marlon.” So some time went by and Candace’s aunt told her that  Marlon asked about Candace as well. It was at that time Candace knew that she had to exchange numbers with Marlon. Candace checked her work schedule to see the next time she had to work the morning shift. The faithful day finally came and Candace was prepared to go after her future husband. Candace printed out a piece of blank receipt paper and wrote down her name and number. It was time for the truck that Marlon was on to pull up. The doors opened up. Candace turned her back because she didn’t want to make eye contact. Then Candace realized it wasn’t Marlon it was his co-worker. His co-worker completed his job and headed back for the door. Candace stopped him and said “Is Marlon on the truck”? The guy responded “Yes”. Candace said “oh give him this (a piece of paper with her number), And the rest is history with 9 years of friendship and now becoming the future Mrs. Logan ❤️😘