A Daughter's Plans For her Mom's Retirement

Shieka Glenn started planning her mother's retirement party in Dec 2015 while home on Christmas break. Once she could knew that her mom had definitely made up her mind about retiring, Shieka watched her put her password in her phone. That night, while she was sleeping Miss Glenn went into her mother's room and got her phone and wrote down the names and numbers of all her contacts (75). After the 1st task was completed she then made calls to vendors during the month of Jan & Feb. Once the venue established everything else was a piece of cake. Shieka created an invitation online using evite.com and sent out invitations. At the time the only person who knew she was planning this was my Uncle Michael. Later on my bff Cheroka did the centerpieces (the idea came from pinterest). Check out the images we captured at such a thoughtful and well planned retirement event for her mom.