1st Annual Dreams Imagination & Gifted Festival in Williston, SC

April 23, 2016. The Location.  A rural town called Williston located in Barnwell County, South Carolina. The population was 3,139 at the 2010 census. 

Meet Steven Brown, Founder/President of D.I.G(Dreams Imagination & Gifted Program). Along with his dedicated staff of board members and volunteers, Steven worked countless nights on a vision he has for Barnwell County and the surrounding rural communities. The vision was to be committed to serve and help every youth realize their true potential and succeed in every endeavour. Steven knows firsthand the challenges that our youth face in rural communities and the effects limited resources and assets has on their development. Steven himself grew up in a rural community with very limited resources, but with the support of family and loved ones, he was fortunate enough to graduate high school and become the very example of persistence and promise that exists in rural communities. Here we are! The 1st Annual Stem Festival. D.I.G's goal is to motivate, mentor, encourage and enable the children and youth to excel and make their dreams and imaginations a reality.  

The Venors who came to support this events are: