Q: Today is the Grand Opening of the Shoe Gods. Describe your feelings at this very moment.

Theron: I feel very humbled and blessed right now to have the opportunity to see this many people come out and be a part of making my dreams come true

Q: What is the inspiration behind opening up your own store? 

Theron: The inspiration behind opening the store was one thing and one thing only...and that was to make an difference in everyone's lives around me. I knew that if I opened this store that it would have a lot of support and once I reaped the benefits of that support I'd be able to be a blessing to everyone. I wanted to create an avenue to give back consistently.

Q: When you think about the word entrepreneur. What comes to mind? 

Theron: When I think of the word Entrepreneur I think of an extreme risk taker with an unbelievable faith that they'll succeed. I picture someone walking blindfolded hearing all types of negative sounds like voices screaming that they won't make it, explosions and gun fire all around them, but they overlook those sounds and focus on that voice in their head saying don't stop moving forward I got you.

Q: How important is family in the start up of The Shoe God's Grand Opening? 

Theron: What we are building is an avenue to create blessings for the community and in order to build you have to have a strong foundation. My family is that foundation. They pray over everything that goes on with The Shoe Gods and that's what makes the store so unique.

Q: How did you feel making your first sell today? 

Theron: As you know I just became a father of my beautiful daughter Brooklyn Nicole Stephens and it was kinda that same feeling that I felt when I saw here take her first breath..I was able to witness the birth of something else great during that first sale. Tyler Bright was the first customer he will go down in The Shoe Gods Franchise history as the first purchase.

Q: What are your plans for The Shoe Gods in the future? 

Theron: My plan is to open up a Shoe Gods location in Columbia, Greenville, Charleston, Florence, and Myrtle Beach by 2019 and change the sneaker culture in South Carolina.

Q: How does it feel being recognized in the community?  

Theron: I have to say it again it's just a very humbling and blessed experience it's so surreal to write your dreams on paper and literally see those words become a reality.

Q: Going in to starting your own company. Did you have any doubts?

Theron: None whatsoever. I don't work off of doubts. My preparation was so intense. I created every opportunity in my mind on how my company could fail and created a plan of action to make sure whenever I hit an obstacle I had an immediate plan to overcome it.

Q: What does this mean to your family when starting your own business?

Theron: It's big because I became the first business owner of my family so we were able to take a step into a realm of life that we never really experienced. Now anyone in my family that wants to do it has the inspiration and the blueprint on how to do it.

 Q: What is your vision for The Shoe Gods in the future? 

Theron: My vision for The Shoe Gods as a company is simple..I just want it to be seen and built on the reputation of a company that isn't concerned with anything except giving back.