High School Sweethearts Wedding Savannah Rapids: Asheton + Aaron

Eyedew Photography is happy to introduce Asheton & Aaron’s Wedding Day. I(Quentin Curry) have known this couple since middle school. Their story is one of the traditional high school sweetheart love story. All throughout grade school this couple seem like they were attached to the hip. They knew what they wanted in our services and they gave us full range to created memories of their wedding day.

The day began at the Savannah Rapids Pavilion where Asheton and her braidmaids were getting ready for such a joyous occasion. The guys prepared at the their homes and then headed to the the location(Savannah Rapids Pavilion) for pictures.  As their photographer both Asheton and Aaron seem pretty clam due to all the preparations it took to decorate the venue. Asheton with close family members prepared in one section of the building while the guys were doing what guys do best. That was being all over the place. :)

The wedding was quick and to the point. Eyedew was able to catch great shots of the Bride & Groom with their wedding party and family.

The reception was a full out party.  From beginning to end there was non stop dancing. Childhood friends catching up from the past and the venue prepared good eats with good people.  The couple treated their guests with a candy table themed with gummy bears, marshmellows, gum balls, sweet tarts, you name it they had it. The night ended with the couple greeting and dancing with their parting guess.

Thank you Asheton and Aaron in making this a wonderful experience for Eyedew Photography. May God Bless your union!