The Miracle Maternity Shoot/Arrival of Baby Brandei

Thanavia Franklin wasn't gone to share the course of events leading up to her maternity shoot but she was too thankful.  Thanavia shares with Facebook. "Yesterday was absolutely horrible. Our truck broke down on I-26 as we were leaving our hotel in Charleston. Not only were we completely stranded, we had our maternity shoot scheduled. I honestly was calling Quentin to cancel but instead, he came & picked us up. Went to Enterprise to rent a car and their system went down while I was checking in. It took over an hour to get a rental. I was over 2 1/2 hours late to my appt with Christina Drayton for my makeup but she was completely understanding and helped ease my stress. By this time we were over 3 hours late for our Maternity shoot but not once did Curry D. Quentin complain or make us feel any worse about the day. As a result we received the best photos we have ever taken. I am so happy, thankful, overjoyed, and blessed for you taking the time to help us while we were in need. As well as for your patience with Dahntay while he had his moments. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go like his photography page EyeDew and schedule you a session. He is very professional and passionate about his work. Thanks so much!!!!!"



Thanavaia writes:

Even though Brandy adores our son, he always wanted a daughter. On the day we found out it was a girl, he was on cloud nine for the rest of the day. The way his face lit up, I instantly knew naming her after him would mean the world to him. June 10, 2016, she let us know early that she will now run the house as I went into labor while working. I finished my shift in pain thinking this was just more false labor. When I arrived to the hospital, surprisingly, she was really on the way. Seeing that beautiful face for the first time made the Franklin household complete. Brandy and Dahntay protect her with everything in them as a dad and brother should. I thank EyeDew so much for capturing the love they have for her in photographs that we will cherish forever. It's so important for girls to have strong male figures in their lives and Brandei Alaiyah Franklin will always have this token to show how much she will always be loved. God bless!