Dreams to Reality: THE SHOE GODS

Meet Theron Stephens-FOUNDER of THE SHOE GODS



The Shoe Gods was founded November 2014. It's crazy how Theron Stephens ventured into the shoe game.  It started when he bought the Powder Blue 10's (Retro Jordans) on February 22, 2014. Mr. Stephens soon realized that he did not have the money he thought he had after purchasing the highly sought after shoe. He needed to get rid of the shoes immediately in order to have food and gas for rest of the month. Originally purchasing the Retros for $190, Theron had to sell the shoes for at least $150 to help him get by. Utilizing social media outlets, Theron was able to reach out to an audience of interested buyers. Curtis Summers, a close friend from high school  contacted him immediately. Mr. Summers asked Theron if the  shoes were still available. Fortunately for Mr. Summers the shoe were still in Theron's possession. Curtis purchased the shoes and after conversing with Theron they both realized they had similar visions. They both were interested in building a larger platform to help bring their vision to life.  In teaming up, the duo closley begin following and researching the sneaker culture.  Through creative talent and never-ending ambition The Shoe Gods was born. 


The Shoe Gods mission is not like any other consignment or resell boutique.  Consciously considering our buyers and their pockets, it is our goal to consistently resell our shoes at affordable prices. We aim to sell our shoes at such competitive prices in the market that people question whether the shoe is authentic.  In creating an honest yet profitable environment for our customers, we hope to build a loyal fan base of satisfied customers who will continue a tradition of shopping at The Shoe Gods.  Those loyal customers will refer us and help to continue building our  business. 

In January of 2012 Theron had a vision that he was going to start his own clothing line called NGA.  NGA Stands for No Grey Area Clothing. He came up with the name while in church one Sunday. His pastor explained that it's hard to receive your blessings when you keep flip flopping between who you are and what your purpose is. Some people refer to this as being in a Grey Area. The Grey Area means that some charateristics about you are not clearly defined. Synonyms for Grey Area are: ambiguous, unclear, uncertain, doubtful, indefinite indistinct, indeterminate, debatable. Basically flip flopping or not being sure. When someone tries to pinpoint the type of person you are it's difficult because you're always changing. When this happens, society thinks you're confused or lost about who you are. Having No Grey Area means that you are clearly defined, you have figured out who you are and understanding your purpose. Its's straight black and white with us. No in between. You know who you are, what you want, where you're going and how you're going to get there. That's what the NGA line is all about. Those that wear NGA embody a mindset and lifestyle of focus and completeness.