Monique + James The Surprise Engagement Story | Charleston, SC

On the 27th of March, James purchased Monique's dream ring. After the big purchase James took a trip to her parents home to get their blessing on marrying their daughter. So James talked with Monique's parents and showed them the ring  and they were pleased with the shimmer.

After James finished one of the most nerve racking questions to ask in his young life he later looked at his calendar and made the decision to pop the question on May 13th, 2017. His wheels began to turn the creative side. James wanted to make the proposal memorable for everyone. After debating with himself over a venue location James picked Bone Fish Grille as the venue and invited close family and friends to attend. To top it off he even created a playlist on his iTunes for the event. Mind you, several of his friends and family were like "Yo this playlist is dope! Can I get a copy?" Lol.

From the time James purchased the ring to the big day, Monique began to suspect that James may have already purchased the her engagement ring. Stalling like most men would do in James situation, he had to come up with a plan. James told Monique he wanted to commemorate their relationship by doing something special for her. He purchased her a dress with accessories to go with the dress. Not forgetting about being clean to the event himself, James purchased a Polo Outfit to match her dress.

The morning of the engagement, they went to breakfast and James had flowers ready along with a card. Monique came to tears after reading the card. Those were the happiest tears James ever seen from her. The tears made him feel like he was doing something GRANDE. Later that evening they went to dinner and to the movies to see "Guardians Of The Galaxy." As a filler for time purposes, the lovely couple stopped and grabbed a couple bottles of wine. Two bottles for her, one for himself and one for his mother.

After purchasing the wine the next destination to hit was #BoneFishGrille where everyone was waiting. Once James parked, he noticed that it was packed like a sardine can and Monique said "We're never going to eat dinner." Monique didn't know James had a private room setup at the rear of the regular dining area. They sat at the bar and had drinks. She had a white sangria and James had his favorite, a Long Island ice tea. She asked several times if James was going to check them in to be seated and he told her he had it under control. Little did Monique know, James had 1 more surprise for her.

They walk past the receptionist and again, Monique said "Are you going to check us in?"  James said "I got this. Come with me."  They walked to the rear to the "Mangrove Room" where 98% of the people invited were there waiting which made James feel great to know that he was right about selecting his close friends and family. Monique was clueless but a loud "Surprised!" was shouted out at the same time. In that joyous moment, James went into his proposal and here we are. 

A Royal Affair Wedding|Brittany & Jonathan | Mt Pleasant, SC


Wow! This is the only expression that comes to mind if you attended Brittany and Jonathan's Royal Affair Wedding. It was an all out celebration! Saturday, March 19th 2016 finally arrived. We started out at the Francis Marion Hotel Downtown Charleston SC to catch up with the groom and his groomsmen. On the other side of town in Wando, South Carolina was Brittany and her beautiful bridesmaids getting prepped and ready for a wedding celebration fit for royalty. We took pictures of both Brittany and Jonathan moments before the start of their wedding. It seemed like nothing could stop this day from happening. The newlyweds Brittany and Jonathan would like to share these pictures with family and friends. If you weren't able to make it to this royal celebration then you missed out on wedding only fit for a king and his Queen! Eyedew photography presents #ARoyalAffair #OnCloudBrown Wedding ENJOY! Special Thanks to Dominic Mckelvey of Fokas with the wedding assistance!